The Messengers

Let me begin by saying that I am not a fast reader. Let me reiterate by saying it could take me 3-6 months to read a book, that’s one book. Now I have read some books in a month or less but it really depends on the content and if I follow it. I have a reading comprehension problem so I tend to need to look back to refresh my brain a bit so that adds a bit of time. Now with that said, I decided to read a three book series that I thought would take me through the summer or near Christmas to finish. Ummm, I was wrong. I purchased this series May 23 and received them early the next week. I finished all three, yes you read that right, all three in less than two weeks. Now that is a record. Ask my husband. He knows when a book has grabbed my attention because he watches the bookmark move swiftly through the book and then asks me if it was good. So back to the series. It’s called The Messengers by Lisa M Clark and I give it five out of five stars. Now I don’t write reviews and when someone asks me about a movie, tv show or book I tend to give more away than I should especially if I really really liked it. What I will tell you is the series is very exciting and had me anticipating the next page, next chapter and next book. In fact now I am sad the journey is over. I have included a link so you can read the synopsis. I know pretty lazy of me but I’m telling you I will give all the details away. Alright I will tell you one thing. It’s about a teen named Simon. I bet you are excited to read it now right? All kidding aside, I do recommend this book for teens to well 99. I’m tasking my son to read it this summer and my husband is reading book two. Enjoy!!!

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